Problems CoinExtra solves:

Today, the conversion of Digital currency into Fiat currency and vice versa is complicated due to the following reasons:

  • The complexity and time-consuming of process.. The receipt of currency at the Trading Exchange is very complex, because there are so many difficulties in dealing with banks, which is most important for business accounts.
  • Conditions for participating in the transaction. In order to be able to trade Digital and Fiat currency, users must perform very complicated registration and verification procedures;
  • High cost. The withdrawal, deposit from the wallet of the Trading Exchange to bank accounts is very complex, which results in high costs;
CoinExtra's solutions:

Through CoinExtra, every person in every country in the world has the opportunity to:

  • Exchange Digital and Fiat currency with country-specific priority payment methods;
  • Make conditions for customers to benefit most from direct payments with CoinExtra guarantees;

Our object are those who want to sell / buy Digital and Fiat currency fast. CoinExtra facilitates in setting transaction within 15-30 minutes and makes it become one of the most convenient and time-saving Trading Exchange. Secured services are provided until completion of the transaction; In addition, account users are protected by our fraud protection system.

Benifical promises:

The solution of CoinExtra brings a number of advantages more than other Trading Exchanges on the market:

  • Convenient and user-friendly interface
  • Low cost and no standard cost
  • Provides mobile applications and simple integration between desktop and mobile versions for users
  • Quickly support all workflows, including problem resolutions; especially customer service 24/7
  • System security and high safety of the platform
  • Global reach and presence in many countries around the world
  • Provide CoinExtra credit card on the balance of each customer

Easy to trade Digital currency

Create wallet

Register your account fast tobe granted wallets BTC, ETH, USDT and VND

Deposit into wallet

You deposit the corresponding currency into your wallet for trading commence

Create buy and sell orders

Create buy and sell orders for trading on CoinExtra.



CoinExtra team is professional, balanced and tested in time. Each member complements and enhances capabilities for each other: Analytics department provide us with accurate forecasts, working with the latest data, based on their report of clients performing advantageous transactions. Each of member in our team is an expert in their work.


CoinExtra cooperates with great funds and market leaders, having a significant impact on the current cryptocurrency rate. Their support and access to internal information allow our company to minimize risk in all areas of its operations.